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Acquisitions of London – Sophisticated Home Heating

A beautifully designed, elegant and stylish fireplace can be the perfect focal point for your home. On a chilly and rainy night, your family can gather around its warmth and be comforted by the woodsy scent, the crackle of the flames and the hypnotic dancing light that it creates. A fireplace is an essential attribute to any living room and it will really turn your house into a home. 

When it comes to the very finest in fireplaces – look no further than Acquisitions. Founded in 1974, this company began dealing in architectural antiques but it soon moved toward specializing in refurbishing beautiful antique fireplaces that have been evicted from older homes. Here at the Fireplace Superstore, we offer Acquisitions of London products in a wide range so that you can choose the fireplace that suits your home. 

As well as acquiring original antique fireplaces, the company also replicates these ornate Victorian cast iron fireplaces down to the smallest detail. With the excellent craftsmanship featured in each beautiful creation, you will be able to enjoy the elegance of a period mantelpiece in your own home. A fireplace is more than just a practical feature that provides you with heat, it is also a major focal point in your décor. The right fireplace will add glamor and style to your home, making your living space feel more stately and welcoming. We can help you find the ideal fireplace for you, so feel free to contact the team at the Fireplace Superstore at any time. 

When Acquisitions of London build these fireplaces inspired by the elegance of the Victorian era, they call them “continuations” rather than “reproductions”. The term better describes how faithfully the fireplaces are recreated, as they are made with the finest materials and they are carefully handcrafted down to the finest detail. 

A Well Known Brand for Quality Fireplaces

Acquisitions of London is known throughout the world for creating high-quality fireplaces and some of their notable clients have included film icons, pop stars and 10 Downing Street, the White House and Buckingham Palace. They are able to provide everything from private commissions made to your custom specifications, to very affordably priced models. 

Also, Acquisitions of London are throughout the world, thanks to their network of international stockists.

Top Notch Craftsmanship

The attention to detail in the craftsmanship of an Acquisitions of London fireplace really is second to none. They use traditional techniques and skills, along with the authentic tools and materials, in order to create fireplaces that echo the glamor of another era. The quality of the materials is very important, which is why Acquisitions of London uses top notch Carrara and Imperial White marble, Imperial limestone, antique travertine and other fine stones. 

If you have any questions about our Acquisitions of London products or would like to order your own custom fireplace – feel free to contact us at any time.  



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