Dru Evolve Electric Fires

The all-new Evolve electric fires and fireplaces are the latest designer fires from Dru the world’s leading fireplace supplier.

Dynamic Flame Picture

Evolve electric fires are expected to reach the marketplace in early July 2022, the dynamic fires will be aimed at the luxury end of the electric fire marketplace.


New For 2022, Vision Solus Electric Fireplaces

The all-new Solus range of electric fires from Vision E Line a leading fire manufacturer from the Netherlands, Vision have a long history in the manufacture of high-end gas fires, with the latest technology the well-respected company have developed the ultimate electric fire range. 

Dynamic Flames

Instant heat with realistic flames will bring glamour into your living space, adaptive ambient lighting can be made individual to suit your living area all controlled from a sleek remote control, attention to every detail gives the Solus the edge over the competitors, you can be rest-assured when purchasing a Solus your home will have an added wow factor.

Choose The Perfect Fireplace For Your Home

A wide choice of fires will be available soon as new models arrive of the production line, inset corner and panoramic fires will fit snuggly into your home, you can choose from one of the warm glowing fires to suit your individual living space. The range of fires starts with the VS75 the smallest fire available the VS100 VS130 VS150 and the VS180 provide a dynamic choice, more options including the Malmo Bench for an added inspired feature, flames come with the option of heat or no heat for the warmer months.

Visions approach is to create the ultimate inspiring heater with a host of options, enhancing flames from the speed colour and bright flames with the option of crackling sounds when you need more realism, more choices include complementing ambient lighting for your extended throughout your room, TriLight technology provides multi-angled, fully customisable dynamic LED lighting for creating thousands of unique colour and tonal combinations to the flames and realistic deep coloured fuel bed.

 Solus fires come with 6 programmed themes to highlight some of the fascinating lighting combinations that can be mood-enhancing for many years for the whole family to enjoy. Ambient lighting kits can extend the atmosphere beyond the fire allowing you to easily bring further lighting into media walls ceilings and many more, 15 colour modes can be controlled from the comfort of your favourite armchair. This unique kit features a 3-metre length of RGB LED strip light (with additional 2 metres of extension cable) up to two kits can be connected to a Solus electric fire appliance, the ideal addition to fire suites and the very popular media walls systems.

Sleek remote controls

Solus have worked closely with the design team to offer the ultimate simple to use controllability of the intuitive remote-control handset • Through your smart device (such as a tablet or phone) using Wi-Fi connectivity. With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, you can use your control anywhere, endless easy to use options enable you to heat your room area Low Heat, High Heat, or Cool Blow, with so many options the Solus is the most advanced electric fire range in today’s marketplace, unique fires designed for the future.

Ex Blackpool Fireplace Director & Dambuster EDWARD CUTHBERT JOHNSON DFC

Edward Cuthbert Johnson DFC (Bomber Aimer) pictured far right was associated with The Fireplace Superstores Managing Director, who was a 17-year-old  fireplace apprentice installer over 41 years ago. Ted Johnson as he was known worked at Sellers Fireplaces located in Marton Blackpool. The company specialized in importing marble from Italy and manufacturing high-quality fireplaces.  Reluctantly Ted passed a few interesting stories of his experience as a Dambuster when questioned, he explained how he jumped from the stricken Lancaster, where he eventually reached the safety of Spain having lived off fruit before returning home to England via Gibraltar. It was a great privilege to discuss with him his story of great bravery.

Dambuster Edward Johnson

The third aircraft to attack Elder Dam “mine dropped accurately causing the final breach” he mentioned. Two bomb aimers were called Johnson on the Dams Raid, this has caused occasional confusion, both Johnsons were known as Johnnie to their friends, the older of the two Edward Cuthbert Johnson bomber aimer a member of Les Knights Crew.  

Edwards’s father was killed in 1914 on the Western Front when the family was living in Gainsborough, educated at Lincoln Grammer school before working at Woolworths and then Lyons the catering firm. In 1936 he married May Beckwith (a lovely lady from my memories) before moving to Blackpool in a boarding house business in 1938, where their son Philip was born. In 1940 he joined the RAF, in 1942 he qualified as an observer/bomb aimer, he then got a posting briefly with 106 squadrons, before being sent back to a training unit crewing up with Les Knight and his colleagues in 1942 they moved to 50 squadrons and completed twenty-two operations with the Knight Crew. 

Johnson and Hobday were both 9 years older than their skipper and senior to him in rank, but all worked well as a team both appreciating the younger man’s qualities as an outstanding pilot, all three for their role in the Dams raid were decorated  Knight getting a DSO, Johnson, and Hobday the DFC, all three photographed outside Buckingham Palace on the day of investiture. 

On the faithful Dortmund operation in September 1943 Johnson jumped from the already stricken Lancaster, ordered by Knight, Johnson replied cheerio boys best of luck, see you in London. Johnson buried his parachute and walked until dawn before eventually settling into the top of a haystack where he sustained himself with his escape kit containing condensed milk and chocolate, the next morning he removed his RAF uniform insignia and called up the farmer whose family supplied hot food.

 Johnson evaded capture as did four of his colleagues, Johnson successfully reached Spain, throughout his journey he had help from a friendly Dutch farmer a Policeman, and various others, also members of the resistance in the Netherlands came to his assistance, eventually arriving in the UK from Gibraltar. Until 1947  he served in the RAF in various ground postings.

He then went back to Blackpool working for Sellers Fireplaces until his retirement, Edward Johnson passed away in Blackpool on 1 October 2002.

A lovely man and a great servant to his Country.


Outdoor Stoves

There is nothing quite like an outdoor wood gas or bioethanol fireplace for your garden space or terrace. The Fireplace Superstore has sourced the leading collection of luxury stoves from the UK and Europe.

RB73 Outdoor Wood Burning Stoves

Rb73 is a renowned supplier of robust outdoor burners manufactured in the Netherlands to the highest standards, made from corTen steel, meaning corrosion-resistant, developed by US steel accomplishing a weatherproof product consisting of nickel, silicon copper, and chromium. Corten steel is a rusty orange color with a long lifespan, developing a layer of rust the oxide skin will shield the deeper materials from oxygen, after 2/6 months the corTen no longer produces rust (water).

The Beauty of CorTen Steel 

The lovely rust color is forever changing bringing a new dynamic to your garden space, working perfectly in an outdoor environment, never having the need to be treated, especially during early use we advise having a cover below the stoves, due to possible rust staining, over time this should not be an issue.

RB73 Styling

The RB73 collection of outdoor wood stoves included a beautiful range of static and movable burners with the wheel option when you require your stove in a different location in your outdoor space, the Quaruba stoves are available with a host of options including Large XL and XXL with choice of static or wheels and a choice of different glass versions including four-sided glass. The Piqua is the perfect choice for a smaller garden area the Bijuga will also be accommodating in a smaller space and with the option to move to different locations. A range of wood stores manufactured in the CorTen steel will add even more ambiance and styling to your outdoor living space.

How To Light Your Fire

Always use dry wood fuel with 15 to 20% moisture this will produce less smoke and be better for the environment, cross stacking kindling with a firelighter when lighting is the perfect way to prevent smoke ensuring your neighbors are not disturbed, leaving the door ajar when initialing lighting the stove will provide more air allowing the fire to burn more quickly.

Evonic e1500 Electric Fireplace

There is nothing quite like the realism of an Evonic electric fire, the best-selling e1500 is powered by the very latest LED lighting technology perfect for a modern living space, even throughout the summer months you can enjoy the beautiful glowing fire for effect without the 1.5kw heat output. Hand-painted ceramic logs have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards for the ultimate electric fire effect.

British Made

The e1500 will be delivered to your home with a choice of either single-sided or right or left-hand glass this allows you to choose the perfect style of electric fire for your situation. With 100% efficiency, you can rest assured you are helping the environment with your fire choice, a choice of woodland ceramic logs or silver birch is another option on this dynamic fireplace. The Evonic E touch controller all from the comfort of your armchair allows you to function the fire from a smartphone. 


The Evonic e1500UHD is part of the popular Evonic e-series range. This modern day range of built in electric fires, powered by the very latest LED lighting technology. The simplicity of the e-series enables absolute freedom to create and design individual feature fireplaces, as it is electrical there are no limitations to where a e-series product can be installed.

The E-series offers a choice of effect sizes, from 600mm to 1500mm as well as two or three sided glass models the e-series offers greater scope and choice to any installation.

Hand painted ceramic logs with the added realism of vermiculite and embers, finished with the over bed illumination system that is evoflame®

All models are supplied with 3 glass sides but can be modified with blanking plates to be installed as desired as 1, 2 or 3 sided fires.

eReflex 135R

The eReflex 135R is possibly the most dynamic electric fire in today’s marketplace, a deep fire bed with realistic logs makes for possibly the most captivating electric fireplace available. Designed with all the latest technology the 135R would bring any ambiance into any living space. Gazco’s Chromalight Immersive LED system creates a stunning visual effect, this modern electric fire is a perfect addition to any living space.

Why Choose The eReflex 135R ?

Many options on the worlds leading electric fireplace include three different flame options Amber, Blue, Amber with Blue Accent, a choice of fuel effects include Logs, Grey & Clear Pebbles and Crystal Ice-effect, and for ease of use a thermostatic remote control for ambient heating.

Solution Fires

Solution Fires is a new collection of highly efficient luxury electric fireplaces designed and manufactured to bring a beautiful ambiance into your home. Many elements can be found on these dynamic electric fireplaces including optional controllability of heat light and sound as the fundamental elements. Through the app smartphone handset or Alexa, you can enjoy the ease of use from your favorite armchair.

Why Choose a Solution Electric Fire

The ultra-realistic contoured flame technology, one-box solution for the front corner, or panoramic views, will allow you to choose the perfect visual effect for your living space. Six preset illumination settings and one custom setting, nine independent flame colors with adjustable brightness, nine individual downlight colors with pulse effect, high-quality hand-decorated ceramic log effect fuel bed, crackling fire audio with volume control, a customizable fuel bed set up, fade in – On, fade-out OFF,  flame effect feature, all fires supplied with infrared remote control as standard, the latest app control for most smartwatches phones and tablets, Alexa voice control, optional anti-reflective glass available, thermostatically controlled with an ultra-quiet heater, seven days, twice daily program settings, fully ERP compliant low energy LED  flame effect, easy standard plugs for 13 amp three-pin socket, optional 5-year warranty for your peace of mind.

 The Perfect Electric Fire For Your home

The vast range of fires from Solution includes the SLE75, SLE125,  SLE100, SLE150, SLE200, all with the option of the front corner, or panoramic views, from a media wall point of view all the fires mentioned would work perfectly with tv above the fire with the option of cupboard openings, etc to suit your individual styling. The SLE42Ss is a modern realistic stove option for a corner or middle of the room depending on your situation. The solution fire company also offers a range of electric suite fireplaces for ease of installation these fireplaces will dramatically change a living space in an instant, there is a vast choice when deciding upon a marble effect edging below and around the fire from a standard misty or graphite grey to the premium range with options of black marble effect, graphite grey, vintage concrete, gloss limestone, gloss copper, and wood grain, with such a diverse collection of colors and finishes you can easily work with the style you will have already created for your home. The Brandon and Havana are both available with or without bases and with a range of sizes you can be rest assured one of the fire range will accommodate your situation. Finally Solution supply a more conventional electric fire for a standard 16″ fire opening with a choice of Mizar fire frames Elara or the contemporary facias & classic fire frames, with a unique collection of modern or traditional there will be a fire to suit your home.

Dru Maestro Tall

The Maestro 60/2 Tall Eco Wave is the perfect gas fireplace for the whole year, because of the option to burn on a low setting it can be easily adapted to different seasons. The all-new easy-to-release door makes for a more enjoyable glass clean operation, something you will not require an engineer for.

The Maestro Tall is available in 60/2 Tall 60 and 60/3 Tall there are many combination designs that can be adapted during the installation process. Lovely views of the flickering flame through the tall glass window will fill your home with a beautiful aetheric atmosphere through the warmer to the cold winter evenings.   


There are a host of features on this new dynamic gas fireplace including a 2nd burner system for a longer-lasting flame effect at a low setting, the optional glow bed is the perfect companion with the option to have a glow in the bed of the fire when no heat is required. Clear view anti-reflective glass will provide the fireplace with an even more realistic effect on the front version only. The natural gas option provides output from 1.9 -7.2kw with a very impressive 94.3 efficiency


Dik Geurts Ivar 10 Central Heating Stove

The Dik Geurts Ivar 10 H2O, is a dynamic wood-burning stove not only providing heat into your living space but also the central heating boiler indirectly, this dual-purpose stove is the perfect choice for constant heat for your home when required.

Not only heating your hot water and radiators the Ivar 10 will combine with a buffer tank and solar panels for even more efficiency. This super-efficient wood-burning stove will bring a warm coziness to your living space with large financial savings over many years. Many of the Dik Geurts stove collections are equipped with IR glass, the heat-reflecting glass will ensure optimal combustion throughout the thee firing this results in extra clean emissions. the glass stays cleaner for longer perfect for long burn times with a clear view of the mesmerizing flames, and also good for the environment.



Electric Media Wall Fireplaces

Media Walls are the latest popular trend in home furnishings, popular choices include electric and gas fireplaces combined with a tv system above, shelving, and concealed units within the bespoke chimney breast are another popular option, not only an attractive alternative from a standard fireplace but also the ideal solution for hiding wires, etc within the unit. The very popular gaming devices and consoles with speaker systems can be accommodated within the wall, all can be designed for your individual styling.

Hidden Cables

For many years living spaces have had unsightly wires below the tv systems etc, the media wall system has solved this problem, with the correct design put in place you will enjoy your living area without this unsightliness in your home.

Mood Lighting

Today lighting systems can easily be incorporated into the media wall, there is nothing quite like subtle downlighting to bring a beautiful ambiance to your favorite living area, many electric fireplaces now have a vast choice in colour options adding to the overall lighting experience.


A beautiful surface covering for your bespoke chimney can bring energy and a uniquely personal effect, many popular choices include Deckton a robust marble effect, or a now very much in vogue wood or veneered finish the beauty of both these products is the extensive choice in colours for your individual masterpiece.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fires and fireplaces have been very much in vogue for many years, now with the media wall concepts consumers have become even more passionate about the introduction of beautiful electric fire flames in their homes. With residential properties becoming more passive and not relying on a large heat source from a fire there has become less popularity in gas fires and wood-burning stoves. Flame pictures have become more realistic with added features including glass side panels and tunnel fires for a through room effect. Today’s electric fire manufacturers work tirelessly designing the latest products for today’s marketplace.