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Bioethanol fires


Spartherm Ebios Bioethanol fires

The Green Alternative

Ebios Bioethanol fires are the ideal alternative for flueless fires, Spartherm the words leading stove manufacturers located in Germany have launched their exclusive range of bioethanol fires branded ebios-fire® 

Within the unique collection bioethanol fires offered in the ebios-range built in fires and custom made fires are available providing the highest quality safe heating products for both homes and commercial business.



What is a Bioethanol Fire

There are many benefits of owning a bioethanol fire

  • No need for a chimney

        Bioethanol fireplaces don't need a flue or chimney because they don’t give off any smoke.

  • Environmentally friendly and clean

        Bioethanol fuel burns with 98% efficiency, there is no unpleasant residue and very clean burning.

  • Limitted or zero istallation required.

       Many bioethanol fires are free standing or come assembled.

  • Fires allowed in smoke controlled areas

        There is no smoke produced from bioethanol fires, allowing for use in smokeless fuel areas.

  • Safety 

       Ebios fires have been tested and passed the new European standard for bioethanol.

Bioethanol is produced by a sugar fermentation process and is a highly renewable energy source. The sugar comes from crops like maize wheat and corn producing a much lower carbon footprint than fossil fuels. When bioethanol is introduced into a fireplace it quickly produces a real warm flame, without the hassle of a real wood fire.

Automatic Burner

The Ebios-fire fire burner is automatic, featuring pumps feed the bioethanol into a trough of 500 or 1000mm width and can be operated by an (on / off) remote control. This is also applied to the round ebios-fire burner. Fuel for the ebios is put into 5-liter jerry cans which are placed under the fire or at a remote location. Other options are a tank which would feature as an integral part of the fire.

Made to Measure Burners

The Fireplace Superstore work closely with architects and interior designers and clients who are looking for a bespoke bioethanol burner to fit into a built in a fireplace or a design to suit the decor. Please contact a helpful trained member of staff

for any help you may require regarding any help you may require regarding a built in burner.

Bioethanol built in firesMade to measure

Built in Burners

Designer burners

Bioethanol boxes

Outside Bioethanol fires

Outside bioethanol