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Electric fires

 Electric Fires & Fireplaces

Electric fires

Electric Fires & Stoves Available From The Uk And Europes Leading Manufacturers

The Fireplace Superstore is a reputable and long-established company supplying electric fires throughout the UK. We work closely with the leading brands to deliver the highest quality fires to customers. We have a large showroom dedicated to premiem and high-end electric fires while also displaying extensive ranges of affordable electric fires, this ensures that you will find a fire no matter how big your budget.



Electric Fireplaces: An Easy Way to Bring Warmth to Your Home. The fireplace has been the gathering point of the home for many centuries - a source of warm providing a cheery glow to relax in. However, in modern times there are a lot more options for creating that cozy fireplace ambiance - including electric fireplaces. These types of fireplaces are easy, convenient and safe, while still giving off the appearance of a real fire.

For many years electric fires and fireplaces have been at the forefront of the fireplace industry, with new high-end fires now available it is the perfect time to bring a new ambiance into your living space. In many situations it is impractical to install a gas or working fireplace, The Fireplace Superstore range of electric fires provides an effective and attractive solution.

History of Electric Fires

The very first electric fireplaces were much different than they are today. They were invented in 1912 but they became widely popular in the 1950s. They were popular because they could be conveniently moved around the home depending on where they were needed. However, the early models were not as safe as today’s designs and there was a risk they could be knocked over - starting a fire.

As the technology developed, electric fireplaces became safer… as well as more stylish. In the 1980s, the technology to created controlled electrical flame effects was created. This allowed designers to create electric fireplaces that looked just like real wood-burning fireplaces. It was Dimplex that patented the first “wood burning” flame effect fireplace in 1995.

This is when electric fireplaces really surged in popularity and many new and eye-catching designs were created. Since the 1990s, every year there have been more exciting, stylish, practical and eco-friendly options to choose from when it comes to electric fireplaces.

Styles of Electric Fires

Electric fires come in a range of exciting styles, so you can choose the one that works best for your home. For example, we have a very modern looking hole in the wall fires, which will look dramatic and be striking with any contemporary interior. We also stock two and three-sided fires where the fire can be viewed from different areas in the room.

Another option is a style of electric fireplace that you can hang on the wall - which is perfect for small rooms where you don’t want the fireplace to take up any of the existing space. Electric stoves are another option, depending on the space and the needs of your household. Come take a look at our showroom so that you can get a better idea of what type of fireplace would work in your home.

Advantages of Electric Fires

  • What are some of the advantages of an electric fire? This style of heating brings a number of benefits to your home.
  • The running costs of an electric fire are very economical and will save you money in the long run.
  • An electric fireplace does not require a chimney, so it can be placed anywhere.
  • These types of fireplaces are often portable, so you can move them around if you decide to rearrange your house.
  • Electric fireplaces are also safer and more convenient to use.
  • They also do not require as much expensive and time-consuming maintenance that is needed for wood burning or gas fireplaces.
  • These types of fireplaces are very easy to install.
  • The electric fireplaces offer 2 to 2.5kw outputs, keeping you toasty and warm no matter what the weather outside.
  • Electric fireplaces are a more practical option for newer homes, which are better insulated and do not require the same output of heat as a gas fire.

If you feel like an electric fireplace would be the ideal option for your home, contact us today for more information. We can help you to select the fireplace that is right for you.

Electric fires

Our High-Quality Suppliers

We have a range of beautiful electric fireplaces from top-notch suppliers, with over 100 live displays in the store and new designs coming from UK companies such as Evonic and Flamerite. These are some of the superb fireplace suppliers that we work with:


The company that first patented the realistic “wood burning” flame effect, Dimplex is one of the big names in the fireplace industry. You can always count on them for quality.


Based near Stratford-Upon-Avon (the birthplace of William Shakespeare), Evonic is a fireplace supplier creating gorgeous electric fireplaces with elegant timeless designs. They use the most modern technology in LED designs to produce a stunning flame effect that only costs £1.00 per year to operate (based on an average of 5 hours usage per day.)


Choose the perfect fireplace for your home from the Flamerite collection and you’ll have a choice of trim and fuel bed, so you can personalize the fire to suit you. Based in Lichfield, this family firm has a history of producing award-winning fireplaces made from top-notch materials.


No matter what your decor, you are sure to find a Stovax fireplace that will look great in your home. They have a dazzling selection, from wall hanging models to freestanding fires to hearth mounted fires.

Elgin & Hall

With a 45-year history and a reputation for quality, Elgin & Hall are a Wensleydale, North Yorkshire manufacturer of high-quality fireplaces. When you choose one of the timeless fireplaces from their collection, you will know that it is made with superb craftsmanship.

Be modern

Looking for something chic that will add visual interest to the decor of your room while also keeping you comfortable and warm? Bemodern offers a line of electric fireplaces designed with an eye for style - with timber, marble and painted finishes.


A North East England based brand, Katell is known for their high-quality products. Their design team has over 35 years of experience and they use only the best materials, hand finished to ensure that the final fireplace is stunning.


Inset Electric Fires

Our huge range of on-display inset electric fires has grown over the years due to the increase in popularity, many brands identify that the inset electric fires are hugely popular due being easy to install and in many cases they are able to replace existing fires with minimal effort.

Hole in the Wall Electric Fires

Hole in the Wall fires offer a stylish and contemporary feel to any room. They have become popular with customers who are keen to create a focal point in their home. Convenience is also a factor when deciding on your new electric fire, many of our customers choose a hole in the wall electric fire due to the option of not having to have or use a fireplace. They can be inserted into a recess in a wall and are very efficient in heating up a room.

Tunnel Electric Fires

A premium and high-end design, our Tunnel Electric Fires offer a unique design that oozes class and sophistication. A popular style of fire we have some fantastic designs on live display that really show off how impressive a tunnel fire can be. The Fireplace Superstore work closely with the leading brands throughout the UK and Europe to deliver high-quality electric tunnel fires at fantastic prices.

Electric Fireplace Suites

A complete Electric Suite from a range of reputable brands in designs to suit any home. Our popular Electric Fireplace Suites are available in a range of diffierent styles and collections that range in price.

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