Heta Stoves

The family owned company Heta Stoves are located in Lemvig on the west coast of continental Denmark



Evonic fires

New Evonic Electric Fires Launched 2015

A new range of Evonic fires have recently been launched including the all new Telsa a wall mounted electric fire featuring the new e1000 a built in electric fireplace with a clean lined frameless design, this revonlutionary fireas a log effect bed and the unique LED Eevoflame effect.

Evoncic fires constantly invest with new designer electric fires throughout 2015.

Nu Flame Arc

Nu – Flame 

For more than 20 years Nu – Flame have been designing and producing quality gas fires, from there state of the art factory located in Surrey there as been heavy investment in research and development to bring the latest cutting edge gas fires to the marketplace.

The latest gas fires to arive from Nu – Flame are the Arc Trim open fronted high efficiency fires available in two different versions the Arc trim one for the hotbox HE and the other features a additional cannopy for the slimline radiant and the convector  HE. The Arc trim exclusive to Nu -Flame is available as a standard fire or a stunning hole in the wall concept.

DG Vita

DG Fires New Vita Selection of Wood Stoves

Now available the ultimate range of Vita stoves from DG Fires, this stunning collection of wood stoves include important features making the new DG stoves very desirable to homeowners of traditional and modern homes. All the Vita stoves can be connected to a steel flue or a excisting chimney and are available in a range of sizes with choices of front and corner fires, all the Vita stoves are easy to clean making the whole wood burning stove fire a more enjoyable experience.

When you choose a Vita stove for your living space you can be rest assured you have puchased the perfect heating product for your home and with ratings in access of 80% efficiency  fuel bills will be llower throughout a long cold winter.

For help and information on any of the new Vita stoves please contact a helpful staff member.  (more information)

Dru maestro

All New Dru Maestro Collection

Coming soon fro Dru the Maestro collection of gas fires will include the Maestro 75 – 80/2 – 80/3 all with the new Wco Wave system. The Dru design team have designed a unique flame picture where the flame is coming out of the log, and all three fires are equiped with a switchable double burner  with heat options from 2.2kw to 9.6kw. All models will have the Honeywell ESY-02REM remote control and app control. Easy realease glass hinged window  will allow for easy cleaning and maintanance. View the Maestro range


New Dru Lugo Gas Fireplaces

Dru have a new collection of designer gas fires the all new Lugo range, impressive gas fire available as two and three sided models allowing views of a realistic fire from different aspects of your living space, a realistic log set come as standard with all the Lugo range.

The design team at Dru have designed these sleek gas fires with clean lines with the the glass window connecting to the plinth for a smooth contemporary finnish, choices available for the interior include ribbed cast iron, matt black, or a mirrored ceraglass for a deeper looking fire appearence.

The Lugo range allows customers to have a bespoke chimney breast  buit to here own design and style to suit there room setting, many options are available including floating hearths in many colours and finnishes to compliment all room decors.

Options on this classy range of fires include the state of the art Eco Wave allowing you to have 15 different flame settings directly from a tablett app, and with up to 50% less gas consumption. With this app there are many advantages and features including a constant monitering system informing customers of any maintanance requirements.

Routine maintance and cleaning is made easy with a new easy release glass door. A stylish remote control will help keep your home at the with the correct amount of heat with a room temperature display.  View the all Dru Fires including the Lugo collection.

London Fireplaces

The All New London Fireplace Collection Coming soon!

For many years The Fireplace Superstore have been suppyling homes throughout Great Britain with the finest original antique and reproduction mantle pieces and register grates. Our design team will soon bring the London collection both online and in store.  Read more

Eva Calor

Pelet Stoves

Already established in Europe pellet stoves have become the greener option offering a efficient way to heat your home and living space. Many planning developments with sustainable energy in mind, using the most relevent up to date house heating technoligies a pellet stove can provide a great alternative in the 21s century.

For many years the UK and European countries have been burning traditionaly burnt logs, with this market now saturated and with new rulings on carbon emmisions, pellet stoves are now

becoming a very popular alternative.

High Efficiency 

When you have installed a pellet stove in to your home you can expect greater efficiences of up to 91%,  heat is produced more efficiently due to the fact of the air distribution, all

produced by the means of a located on the back of the hot air exit diffuser.

The Fireplace Superstore have many choices of pellet stoves including the Evar Calor range a revolutionary collection of designer heating appliances available in a range of colours and styles.

 There are many bennifits when installing a beautiful high efficiency pellet stove in to your home.

Hase Asmara

New Hase Asmara

The all new Hase Asmara us a stove to bring ambience and atmosphere in to your home, with its tall slender shape and finely textured ceramic.

Ech Ceramic tile on the Asmara is available in a colour to best suite your living space and carefully crafted in the Hase Germany manufacturing complex.

With a three sided glass window this beautiful designer stove can be viewed from dirent aspects of your room area and can be operated as a direct vent model in properties with a ventilation system.

For more in formation on the now available Asmara please contact a helpfull staff member.

Vision gas fires

Percy Doughty New Vision Trimline

The all new Vision Trimline range of gas fires are the latest product to brought to the marketplace by the leading fireplace company Percy Doughty who have been serving fireplace retailers for many years. This unique range of quality gas fires are engineered to bring classic clean lines in to modern living spaces, manufactured in the Netherlands Vison Trimline gas fires are available with many options with in there fuel beds including  standard denion logs with lamel chambers, Carara stones with lamel chambers designer pebbles with lamel chamber, and basalt with glass mirror chamber.

Vision collections

Within the Vision range you will find beautiful Trimless range of gas fires where no frames or fireplace are required ideal for unclutered minimilistic homes. Whithin the stunning collection of gas fireplaces there is a beautiful gas fire to suit all homes and living spaces including tunnel fires where the fire can be viewed from through rooms, panoramic fires where flames can be enjoyed from different aspects of your room, and a range of smaller fires where space is of a premium.

Designer Dru Fire

Dru Centro, a designer fire with new technology 

With all the latest technology available Dru have added the Dru Centro to there already impressive portfolio of gas firepaces. This high efficiency gas fire with beautiful looks as many features to help heat your home with up to 50% less gas consumption.

The Centro as a robust log set and a realistic flame picture and can be installed as a hole in the wall fire or with a fireplace to suit your living space. With a lovely flame an great efficiencies and sleek features the Centro will become the centr point of your home somwhere the whole family can enjoy a cozy night at home on a cold winters evening.

 Eco Wave

The Centro is the first fire in the Dru fire range to have the revolutionary Eco Wave wave feature, this latest technology allows you to have a large flame picture with 50% savings, from the comfort of your armchair you can now adjust  the flame picture and with a choice of fifteen settings you cn  apply the the perfect amount of heat in to your home.

More features include easy clean glass door designed to make easy routine cleaning when required. Electronic remote control comes as standard with a temperature room display.

Please contact our helpful knwolegeable staff for any help on information you may require on the Dru Centro gas fireplace. (more information)


Showroom Video at The Fireplace Superstore for Xmas 2014

COMING SOON The Fireplace Superstore video production of the large store showing a complete collection of designer fireplace and stoves.

Dru Metro 130 xt3

New from Dru

Dru have recently added to there already impressive collection of gas fireplaces within the the new range you will find the Metro 130XT/3  a panoramic  of the Metro 130XT. The beauty of this dynamic high end gas fiire is the inspiring fire display that can be viewed from different aspects of your living space.

Impessive outputs of 10.8kw will produce heat for larger living spaces  in homes restaurants  and hotel spaces. With a unique remote control your home will enjoy a regulated heat temperature for your maximum convenience.

As with all homes in need of there individuality the 130XT/3 can be installed in to a bespoke chimney breast and suroundings all designed to meet your style and needs in your living space. And with high efficiencies fuel costs will be greatly reduced throughout the cold winter months.


Stuv 30-h

The all new Stûv 30-H with accumulator

The Stuv 30  as the option to be fitted with a accumulator, this will store part of the heat by wood combustion. Many hours after the fire as burnt down the stove will still produce heat bringing warmth in to your home with no cost.

The sleek Stuv 30-H as cleen line with a large glass window for stunning views of the crackling fire.


The Fireplace Superstore Video production

A video production took place at The Fireplace Superstore today 09/11/14 as part of a short film where a droan filmed all aspects of the large designer fireplace store and where a full day including outdoor filming was produced. The Fireplace Superstore would like to thank all actors and producers for there help and hard work on the day and a special thanks to the Bailey family who took time out to play a major part of the production.

The new video film about the store will be available to view on our website in the coming weeks.

DG stoves

DG Fires Helping Ugandan women

Ugandan women and families now have oportunities to start there own business with help from leading stove manufacturer DG Fires, (Read more)

Latest News (Dru Fires)

Dru latestDru forge partnership with Europes leading stove producer. (Read more)


 Showroom Refurbishment 2014  

A complete showroom refurbishment throughout July and August has been completed at The Fireplace Superstore including a new stove showroom. With a lower cost heat source using genuinely renewable natural fuel, and high efficiencies the trusty wood burning stove is gaining popularity once more. High quality sleek stoves are now live on display from all the leading stove manufactiurers from the UK and Europe. Many stoves are Defra approved for use in smoke controlled areas so whether your home is located rural or urban we have the perfect stove for you. Within The Fireplace Superstore our stove showroom includes designer high end wood burning stoves, free standing, inset and pot bellied stoves, recesses to compliment your stove include reeded panels, stone, granite and many more options.

  Designer Stoves 

Designer stoves can be found throughout the store including Hase the worlds leading German stove manufacturer, who have recently designed the award winning Hase Cartago wood burning stove, the Cartago is will arive instore early September 2014 and is available in a eye catching black or white glass with a nominal out put of 7 kw with a heat efficiency of 78%.

Hase CartagoBlack Cartago

New High efficiency gas fireplaces

Many companies now supply  stunning high efficiency glass fronted gas fires often complimented wit a modern fireplace surround or a designed prefabricated chimney breast. Throughout the UKs leading showroom there are many NEW stylish fireplaces live on display with a large collection from the leading gas fire manufacturer Dru. The Fireplace Superstore have a complete new collection of  more than 30 stunning live Dru displays all complimented with designer marble, stone and corian fireplaces.

New Corian fireplaces are live on display with many Dru fires, a unique product with more than 100 colour choices to suit your living space.

Colorado fireplace with Dru Diablo high efficiency gas fire.                                Dru Exellence suite. Dru global suite (bottom right)

CorianDru showroom