Stunning Italian Style

Lapitec is a brand of sintered stone, developed in Italy to bring you the most beautiful selection of surfaces to your interiors. The brand’s headquarters lie in the heart of Europe, Treviso, Italy, which has provided a beautiful and inspirational setting for the stone’s production. Here, they have used their local knowledge of stone and its fantastic properties to design and develop a product with phenomenal capabilities, that has the ability to stand proud amongst its natural competitors within the stone trade. An example of this is Dekton, a popular man-made stone which we also have to offer.

What is Lapitec

Replicating processes which occur naturally in nature, in a controlled environment, Lapitec is an engineered product known as sintered stone which combines a range of natural elements, such as ceramics, quartz, granite, and porcelain, to create a product which has a natural makeup but a strength that reaches above and beyond. The process used to compose the materials is called ‘Metamorphosis’, where the elements are exposed to extreme heat and pressure, resulting in a solid product without the need for resins or bonding agents. This results in a surface which is super strong, as well as having many other benefits.

Full Bodied Design

Stunning full bodied surfaces where the design runs throughout the material. An excellent addition to any project, suitable for whatever your requirements.

Extremely hard wearing

Resistant to scratches, UV rays and non-porous combined with a range of finished make this perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly from start to finish! no resins or petroleum products are used in these surfaces and can be recycled with aggregate or inert waste

Food Safe

Due to the material properties this surface is safe for food production and can be easily cleaned afterwards leaving no marks or stains.

Surface Samples
Lapitec Arabescato Corallo
Lapitec Arabescato Michelangelo
Lapitec Arabescato Perla
Lapitec Artico
Lapitec Avana
Lapitec Bianco Assoluto
Lapitec Bianco Crema
Lapitec Bianco Polare
Lapitec Ebano
Lapitec Grigio Cemento
Lapitec Grigio Piombo
Lapitec Griio Cemento
Lapitec Moca
Lapitec Nero Anthracite
Lapitec Nero Assoluto