Fireplace Installation at Warton Hall

The Fireplace Superstore installation team liaised with the contractors on site initially marking out the exact position of the fire according to the drawings given by the architect, due to unforeseen obstacles the flue pipe of the top of the fire had to be positioned differently than the drawings provided. With the fires now Positioned at the correct height, the flue was then assembled with an offset to get between the roof joists. 

The installers now worked on the roof to install the roof terminal and flashings and silicone over the roof tiles, now fully waterproofed the remainder of the work concentrated on building the framework for the fireplace. The Meccano (metalwork)  chimney breast now installed the next step fitting the fireproof plasterboards, electricians now assembled all cables, etc for the tv media system, finally, the plasters skimmed the heat resistant boarded chimney breast.

Due to the obstacles previously mentioned it was not a straightforward fit. Our experienced installers have many years of experience with this type of fireplace and very often have problems which they have to overcome.

The outcome a very happy customer with a beautifully installed fireplace for the whole family to enjoy for many years in the future.