Nordpies Roma Outdoor Stove

The Nordpeis Roma Outdoor Stove Fireplace and Grill are perfect for those who want to enjoy their evening outdoors. With its elegant cylindrical exterior and modern design, it is easy to assemble and install. The Thermotte™ finish is shock-resistant and durable, making it perfect for cooking your own outdoor cuisine. The Nordpeis Roma Outdoor Stove Fireplace and Grill is the perfect addition to any home.

Roma by Nordpies is a freestanding outdoor stove made from lightweight concrete. It has a modern cylindrical exterior that is easy to assemble and install. The exterior can be painted with breathable acrylic masonry paint to tailor the look. Roma comes with a 2-year warranty and a removable grill for cooking your own outdoor cuisine.

Nordpies Roma Outdoor Stove is made of concrete and may be liable to surface crazing. Whilst for some this natural change in the material makes for an attractive aesthetic, if not desired, repairs can be made with light/acrylic filler.   Nordpies Roma is a safe and effective way to heat your outdoor space. **We strongly advise that you consider the local regulations regarding safety distances to buildings etc before using the outdoor burner.

Dimplex Vivente

Dimplex’s Vivente electric fire range includes the very best in electric flame technologies, showcasing the innovative Optiflame 3D flame effect. This is the ultimate in customizable design, allowing you to have fun with its captivating features. These include eight illumination effects and many different colour lighting options, which enable you to create a bespoke centerpiece to suit your home and mood. The Dimplex Vivente also offers three layout options: a single glass panel for striking front-facing fire, two panels for an eye-catching see-through effect, or four panels for a stylish panoramic display.

It features 8 different settings, including one that is fully customizable. Additionally, it comes with 4 different options for back panels, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. The Optiflame also has a 1.5kW heat output and a thermostat, making it perfect for those chilly nights. And if that wasn’t enough, it also comes with remote control and the Dimplex Flame Connect app, so you can control it from anywhere in the house. Plus, the anti-reflective glass gives it a sleek, modern look. Dimplex has really outdone themselves with the Vivente Optiflame 3D LED effect.

So whatever your style, the Dimplex Vivente has an electric fire to suit your needs.

Kal Fire Spark Generator

How Kal Fire's Natural Spark Generator creates an realistic simulation of a wood fire

Kal Fire is always raising the bar when it comes to gas fires. Their patented innovations have made them a benchmark in the market. The latest innovation to come out of their R&D team is the Natural Spark Generator (NSG).

This ground-breaking technology is available as an option on all Kal Fire gas fires that feature a Prestige burner. The Natural Spark Generator creates small sparks that escape from the flames and burn out slowly, resulting in an amazingly realistic simulation of a wood fire. Kal Fire’s commitment to innovation and excellence is sure to keep them at the forefront of the gas fire industry for years to come.

Kalfire creates stunning gas fireplaces that will make any home feel cozy and inviting. Their closed gas fireplaces offer a realistic fire pattern that perfectly resembles a real open fire. Not only are Kalfire’s fireplaces aesthetically pleasing, but they are also built to last. Made with high-quality materials, Kalfire’s fireplaces are designed to stand the test of time. So if you’re looking for a fireplace that will add beauty and warmth to your home, Kalfire is a perfect choice.

Charlton & Jenrick I Range Electric Fires

Charlton & Jenrick I Range Electric Fires


If you’re looking for an electric fire that looks and feels like the real thing, then the Charlton & Jenrick I Range is a perfect choice. This beautiful fire features ultra-realistic flame effects that can be adapted to match your mood. Choose from warm amber, hot blue, or a stunning combination of both colours.


You can also set the colours to shift gradually from one shade to another, creating an ever-changing display. The I Range also features an Ambilight fuel bed, which can be set to any one of thirteen glorious colours. Choose from a natural amber glow or pick a colour that matches your mood, all easily controlled using the handy remote control.


For a truly unique look, the Charlton & Jenrick Infinity fuel bed offers an ever-changing display of colours and flames. This innovative feature creates a stunning visual effect that is sure to impress your guests. The Infinity fuel bed is available in three different sizes, so you can choose the perfect size for your home.


The Charlton & Jenrick I Range is the perfect choice for those who want an electric fire that looks and feels like the real thing. With its ultra-realistic flame effects, Ambilight fuel bed, and tailored fuel bed options, this fire is sure to become the focal point of any room. Order your Charlton & Jenrick


 From a sleek remote control, you can control the heat lighting and choose the perfect flame effect all from the comfort of your favourite armchair.

RB73 New Outdoor Wood Stoves & Cookers

RB73 Creates unique outdoor wood fireplaces, located in the Netherlands RB73’s product range is handmade.  New products for 2022 are now available including the all-new Quercus outdoor fire recently developed in response to a stove fireplace with an oven. Manufactured with 6 mm thick CorTen steel you are guaranteed a long-lasting outdoor heating product easy on the eye even after many years of usage.  A 20 cm stump on the stove where the pipe falls over, this way allows for no water to find its way into the stove can get into the stove.

Static Stove

Unlike previous models, the Quercus is a static stove and not available as a mobile movable heater, the stove can be moved with no risk of tipping over.

The Beauty of Outdoor Cooking

The robust stone in the oven section of the Quercus can be heated to around 250 degrees, this versatile cooking element is perfect for Pizza and many other of your favorite dishes.


Dru Evolve Electric Fires

The all-new Evolve electric fires and fireplaces are the latest designer fires from Dru the world’s leading fireplace supplier.

Dynamic Flame Picture

Evolve electric fires are expected to reach the marketplace in early July 2022, the dynamic fires will be aimed at the luxury end of the electric fire marketplace.


Dru Award Winners 2021

Naill Deiraniya the UK Dru General manager presents  Richard with the prestigious award for the highest selling store in Great Britain for Dru Fires, Fireplaces, and stoves.

Great Achievement, Award Winners for 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021

Richard Bailey and The Fireplace Superstore retail team are proud to receive the Dru award for the 4th time in 5 years, Richard commented it has been a team effort again with a genuine enthusiasm for the Dru quality heating product range, new dynamic fires, and fireplaces will be launched in 2022 with a unique range of electric fireplaces soon to come off the production line from the state of the art manufacturing complex in the Netherlands.

Investment in the Dru products continues throughout 2022 with new product displays in an exhibition-styled showroom.  The Fireplace Superstore will continue with hands-on staff training offered by Dru in the Netherlands.


New For 2022, Vision Solus Electric Fireplaces

The all-new Solus range of electric fires from Vision E Line a leading fire manufacturer from the Netherlands, Vision have a long history in the manufacture of high-end gas fires, with the latest technology the well-respected company have developed the ultimate electric fire range. 

Dynamic Flames

Instant heat with realistic flames will bring glamour into your living space, adaptive ambient lighting can be made individual to suit your living area all controlled from a sleek remote control, attention to every detail gives the Solus the edge over the competitors, you can be rest-assured when purchasing a Solus your home will have an added wow factor.

Choose The Perfect Fireplace For Your Home

A wide choice of fires will be available soon as new models arrive of the production line, inset corner and panoramic fires will fit snuggly into your home, you can choose from one of the warm glowing fires to suit your individual living space. The range of fires starts with the VS75 the smallest fire available the VS100 VS130 VS150 and the VS180 provide a dynamic choice, more options including the Malmo Bench for an added inspired feature, flames come with the option of heat or no heat for the warmer months.

Visions approach is to create the ultimate inspiring heater with a host of options, enhancing flames from the speed colour and bright flames with the option of crackling sounds when you need more realism, more choices include complementing ambient lighting for your extended throughout your room, TriLight technology provides multi-angled, fully customisable dynamic LED lighting for creating thousands of unique colour and tonal combinations to the flames and realistic deep coloured fuel bed.

 Solus fires come with 6 programmed themes to highlight some of the fascinating lighting combinations that can be mood-enhancing for many years for the whole family to enjoy. Ambient lighting kits can extend the atmosphere beyond the fire allowing you to easily bring further lighting into media walls ceilings and many more, 15 colour modes can be controlled from the comfort of your favourite armchair. This unique kit features a 3-metre length of RGB LED strip light (with additional 2 metres of extension cable) up to two kits can be connected to a Solus electric fire appliance, the ideal addition to fire suites and the very popular media walls systems.

Sleek remote controls

Solus have worked closely with the design team to offer the ultimate simple to use controllability of the intuitive remote-control handset • Through your smart device (such as a tablet or phone) using Wi-Fi connectivity. With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, you can use your control anywhere, endless easy to use options enable you to heat your room area Low Heat, High Heat, or Cool Blow, with so many options the Solus is the most advanced electric fire range in today’s marketplace, unique fires designed for the future.

The Fireplace Superstore, sponsor Hull clash on Sky Sports

Fleetwood Town announced that The Fireplace Superstore, based on Poulton Business Park, will be our Match Sponsors for their televised Sky Bet League One fixture against Hull City.

Fleetwood Town 4 Hull City 1

A disappointed Hull City missed the opportunity to go top of the Sky Bet League 0ne after Fleetwood comfortably beat them 4-1. The defeat for Hull ended a  four-game unbeaten run, Saunders opened the scoring concluding the first time Hull had conceded in 377 minutes of league football this season, Saunders found the net with the fourth goal from a Ched Evans cross to complete a dismal evening for the Tigers.


Slimfocus is a sleek modern free-hanging gas or wood-burning fireplace, this assertive fire presents a wow factor in any home without taking up a large area in your home. The Fireplace Superstore has recently installed the Slimfocus into a new modern showroom area, this unique fire is available as fixed or pivoted.

 Focus the creative manufacturers are located in Southern France where every fireplace is individually manufactured to the highest standards.