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Electric Media Wall Fireplaces

Media Walls are the latest popular trend in home furnishings, popular choices include electric and gas fireplaces combined with a tv system above, shelving, and concealed units within the bespoke chimney breast are another popular option, not only an attractive alternative from a standard fireplace but also the ideal solution for hiding wires, etc within the unit. The very popular gaming devices and consoles with speaker systems can be accommodated within the wall, all can be designed for your individual styling.

Hidden Cables

For many years living spaces have had unsightly wires below the tv systems etc, the media wall system has solved this problem, with the correct design put in place you will enjoy your living area without this unsightliness in your home.

Mood Lighting

Today lighting systems can easily be incorporated into the media wall, there is nothing quite like subtle downlighting to bring a beautiful ambiance to your favorite living area, many electric fireplaces now have a vast choice in colour options adding to the overall lighting experience.


A beautiful surface covering for your bespoke chimney can bring energy and a uniquely personal effect, many popular choices include Deckton a robust marble effect, or a now very much in vogue wood or veneered finish the beauty of both these products is the extensive choice in colours for your individual masterpiece.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fires and fireplaces have been very much in vogue for many years, now with the media wall concepts consumers have become even more passionate about the introduction of beautiful electric fire flames in their homes. With residential properties becoming more passive and not relying on a large heat source from a fire there has become less popularity in gas fires and wood-burning stoves. Flame pictures have become more realistic with added features including glass side panels and tunnel fires for a through room effect. Today’s electric fire manufacturers work tirelessly designing the latest products for today’s marketplace.

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