Dimplex Vivente

Dimplex’s Vivente electric fire range includes the very best in electric flame technologies, showcasing the innovative Optiflame 3D flame effect. This is the ultimate in customizable design, allowing you to have fun with its captivating features. These include eight illumination effects and many different colour lighting options, which enable you to create a bespoke centerpiece to suit your home and mood. The Dimplex Vivente also offers three layout options: a single glass panel for striking front-facing fire, two panels for an eye-catching see-through effect, or four panels for a stylish panoramic display.

It features 8 different settings, including one that is fully customizable. Additionally, it comes with 4 different options for back panels, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. The Optiflame also has a 1.5kW heat output and a thermostat, making it perfect for those chilly nights. And if that wasn’t enough, it also comes with remote control and the Dimplex Flame Connect app, so you can control it from anywhere in the house. Plus, the anti-reflective glass gives it a sleek, modern look. Dimplex has really outdone themselves with the Vivente Optiflame 3D LED effect.

So whatever your style, the Dimplex Vivente has an electric fire to suit your needs.

Kal Fire Spark Generator

How Kal Fire's Natural Spark Generator creates an realistic simulation of a wood fire

Kal Fire is always raising the bar when it comes to gas fires. Their patented innovations have made them a benchmark in the market. The latest innovation to come out of their R&D team is the Natural Spark Generator (NSG).

This ground-breaking technology is available as an option on all Kal Fire gas fires that feature a Prestige burner. The Natural Spark Generator creates small sparks that escape from the flames and burn out slowly, resulting in an amazingly realistic simulation of a wood fire. Kal Fire’s commitment to innovation and excellence is sure to keep them at the forefront of the gas fire industry for years to come.

Kalfire creates stunning gas fireplaces that will make any home feel cozy and inviting. Their closed gas fireplaces offer a realistic fire pattern that perfectly resembles a real open fire. Not only are Kalfire’s fireplaces aesthetically pleasing, but they are also built to last. Made with high-quality materials, Kalfire’s fireplaces are designed to stand the test of time. So if you’re looking for a fireplace that will add beauty and warmth to your home, Kalfire is a perfect choice.

Dru Evolve Electric Fires

The all-new Evolve electric fires and fireplaces are the latest designer fires from Dru the world’s leading fireplace supplier.

Dynamic Flame Picture

Evolve electric fires are expected to reach the marketplace in early July 2022, the dynamic fires will be aimed at the luxury end of the electric fire marketplace.


A Close-Knit Sales and Installation Team at The Fireplace Superstore

The Fireplace Superstore has worked closely with a close-knit team for many years, the company started out from humble beginnings in 1987, John Coulthard started the business from a lock-up garage before opening a small manufacturing complex and a showroom, John Coulthard senior who had a wealth of experience in the fireplace industry installed the fireplaces in the early days before becoming part of the sales team. 

Marlene Coulthard (our longest staff member with 35 Years of Service)

Marlene Coulthard (The owner’s mother) part of the sales team for 35 years and is still at the age of 81 working in the showroom 4 days a week, Marlene enjoys the interaction with customers and is a big part of the team at the store, and not looking at retirement any time soon.

Staff members

Our trained sales team have worked closely for many years enjoying their interaction with both retail customers and interior designers / Architects. All-In-One eCommerce Web Design team work from dedicated office space designing building and processing sales through a collection of well designed websites.

Our Fireplace Installation Teams

The Fireplace Superstore have a fully trained competent team of fireplace installers who all work independently, specialist installers are available for gas electric wood burning and media wall installs.

Dru Award Winners 2021

Naill Deiraniya the UK Dru General manager presents  Richard with the prestigious award for the highest selling store in Great Britain for Dru Fires, Fireplaces, and stoves.

Great Achievement, Award Winners for 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021

Richard Bailey and The Fireplace Superstore retail team are proud to receive the Dru award for the 4th time in 5 years, Richard commented it has been a team effort again with a genuine enthusiasm for the Dru quality heating product range, new dynamic fires, and fireplaces will be launched in 2022 with a unique range of electric fireplaces soon to come off the production line from the state of the art manufacturing complex in the Netherlands.

Investment in the Dru products continues throughout 2022 with new product displays in an exhibition-styled showroom.  The Fireplace Superstore will continue with hands-on staff training offered by Dru in the Netherlands.


Luxury Electric Flamerite Fireplaces

Flamerite is a long-established British company constantly reinvesting throughout its long history, producing a unique range of high-tech products, and more recently a large factory renovation for 2021. The very popular Glazer range of fireplaces works perfectly with the very sought-after media walls systems. The Glazer is the perfect focal point for your home, the 3 sided LED flame picture is possible the most realistic electric flame picture in the electric fire marketplace, there is an option to change the fire to a one-two or three-sided fire, ideal to suite most living room situations, the fire can be enjoyed all year round with the option of heat or simply enjoy the flames controlled from a sleek remote control. Flamerite has a wide choice of fires including a freestanding inset wall-mounted hearth inset and a lovely collection of realistic stoves, many of the above fireplaces are easy to install and will be home in any room in your home. 

Three Generations Producing Award-Winning Fireplaces.

Established in 1999 Flamerite has won numerous awards, the company is known for high quality with products made to the highest UK & European standards (BS-EN)


Dekton is a blend of raw materials including Quartz glass porcelain and other materials under extreme pressure and heat, this is a similar process in the same way stone was formed thousands of years ago, the advantage of Dekton is the latest technology removes any defects or blemishes. A new addition is Dekton slim, this luxury new addition is only 4mm, due to the lightweight this advanced cladding product will now work in many situations previously not possible. The unique strength of Dekton unlike other similar products will not scratch and naturally prevents liquids etc penetrating into the surface, other advantages include a very large choice of colors. The latest CNC technology results in stunning finishes to suit your situation.

The Fireplace Superstore located in Poulton Le Fylde Lancashire has large displays of Dekton in many colors and variations,  media walls can be found throughout the store exhibiting this unique product.

Ex Blackpool Fireplace Director & Dambuster EDWARD CUTHBERT JOHNSON DFC

Edward Cuthbert Johnson DFC (Bomber Aimer) pictured far right was associated with The Fireplace Superstores Managing Director, who was a 17-year-old  fireplace apprentice installer over 41 years ago. Ted Johnson as he was known worked at Sellers Fireplaces located in Marton Blackpool. The company specialized in importing marble from Italy and manufacturing high-quality fireplaces.  Reluctantly Ted passed a few interesting stories of his experience as a Dambuster when questioned, he explained how he jumped from the stricken Lancaster, where he eventually reached the safety of Spain having lived off fruit before returning home to England via Gibraltar. It was a great privilege to discuss with him his story of great bravery.

Dambuster Edward Johnson

The third aircraft to attack Elder Dam “mine dropped accurately causing the final breach” he mentioned. Two bomb aimers were called Johnson on the Dams Raid, this has caused occasional confusion, both Johnsons were known as Johnnie to their friends, the older of the two Edward Cuthbert Johnson bomber aimer a member of Les Knights Crew.  

Edwards’s father was killed in 1914 on the Western Front when the family was living in Gainsborough, educated at Lincoln Grammer school before working at Woolworths and then Lyons the catering firm. In 1936 he married May Beckwith (a lovely lady from my memories) before moving to Blackpool in a boarding house business in 1938, where their son Philip was born. In 1940 he joined the RAF, in 1942 he qualified as an observer/bomb aimer, he then got a posting briefly with 106 squadrons, before being sent back to a training unit crewing up with Les Knight and his colleagues in 1942 they moved to 50 squadrons and completed twenty-two operations with the Knight Crew. 

Johnson and Hobday were both 9 years older than their skipper and senior to him in rank, but all worked well as a team both appreciating the younger man’s qualities as an outstanding pilot, all three for their role in the Dams raid were decorated  Knight getting a DSO, Johnson, and Hobday the DFC, all three photographed outside Buckingham Palace on the day of investiture. 

On the faithful Dortmund operation in September 1943 Johnson jumped from the already stricken Lancaster, ordered by Knight, Johnson replied cheerio boys best of luck, see you in London. Johnson buried his parachute and walked until dawn before eventually settling into the top of a haystack where he sustained himself with his escape kit containing condensed milk and chocolate, the next morning he removed his RAF uniform insignia and called up the farmer whose family supplied hot food.

 Johnson evaded capture as did four of his colleagues, Johnson successfully reached Spain, throughout his journey he had help from a friendly Dutch farmer a Policeman, and various others, also members of the resistance in the Netherlands came to his assistance, eventually arriving in the UK from Gibraltar. Until 1947  he served in the RAF in various ground postings.

He then went back to Blackpool working for Sellers Fireplaces until his retirement, Edward Johnson passed away in Blackpool on 1 October 2002.

A lovely man and a great servant to his Country.


Outdoor Stoves

There is nothing quite like an outdoor wood gas or bioethanol fireplace for your garden space or terrace. The Fireplace Superstore has sourced the leading collection of luxury stoves from the UK and Europe.

RB73 Outdoor Wood Burning Stoves

Rb73 is a renowned supplier of robust outdoor burners manufactured in the Netherlands to the highest standards, made from corTen steel, meaning corrosion-resistant, developed by US steel accomplishing a weatherproof product consisting of nickel, silicon copper, and chromium. Corten steel is a rusty orange color with a long lifespan, developing a layer of rust the oxide skin will shield the deeper materials from oxygen, after 2/6 months the corTen no longer produces rust (water).

The Beauty of CorTen Steel 

The lovely rust color is forever changing bringing a new dynamic to your garden space, working perfectly in an outdoor environment, never having the need to be treated, especially during early use we advise having a cover below the stoves, due to possible rust staining, over time this should not be an issue.

RB73 Styling

The RB73 collection of outdoor wood stoves included a beautiful range of static and movable burners with the wheel option when you require your stove in a different location in your outdoor space, the Quaruba stoves are available with a host of options including Large XL and XXL with choice of static or wheels and a choice of different glass versions including four-sided glass. The Piqua is the perfect choice for a smaller garden area the Bijuga will also be accommodating in a smaller space and with the option to move to different locations. A range of wood stores manufactured in the CorTen steel will add even more ambiance and styling to your outdoor living space.

How To Light Your Fire

Always use dry wood fuel with 15 to 20% moisture this will produce less smoke and be better for the environment, cross stacking kindling with a firelighter when lighting is the perfect way to prevent smoke ensuring your neighbors are not disturbed, leaving the door ajar when initialing lighting the stove will provide more air allowing the fire to burn more quickly.

Evonic e1500 Electric Fireplace

There is nothing quite like the realism of an Evonic electric fire, the best-selling e1500 is powered by the very latest LED lighting technology perfect for a modern living space, even throughout the summer months you can enjoy the beautiful glowing fire for effect without the 1.5kw heat output. Hand-painted ceramic logs have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards for the ultimate electric fire effect.

British Made

The e1500 will be delivered to your home with a choice of either single-sided or right or left-hand glass this allows you to choose the perfect style of electric fire for your situation. With 100% efficiency, you can rest assured you are helping the environment with your fire choice, a choice of woodland ceramic logs or silver birch is another option on this dynamic fireplace. The Evonic E touch controller all from the comfort of your armchair allows you to function the fire from a smartphone. 


The Evonic e1500UHD is part of the popular Evonic e-series range. This modern day range of built in electric fires, powered by the very latest LED lighting technology. The simplicity of the e-series enables absolute freedom to create and design individual feature fireplaces, as it is electrical there are no limitations to where a e-series product can be installed.

The E-series offers a choice of effect sizes, from 600mm to 1500mm as well as two or three sided glass models the e-series offers greater scope and choice to any installation.

Hand painted ceramic logs with the added realism of vermiculite and embers, finished with the over bed illumination system that is evoflame®

All models are supplied with 3 glass sides but can be modified with blanking plates to be installed as desired as 1, 2 or 3 sided fires.