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Facts about coal

Coal / Known As Rank

Coal is composed from oxygen hydrogen and carbon, and formed from vegetation, the coal seams are formed from the consolidation between other rock strata, all altered by a microbial action pressure and extreme heat over a long period.

Coal is classically known as “rank” this is based on the transformation of a original plant material to carbon.

Below are the ranks of coal with little carbon to a larger percntage of carbon 

Low rank are Liginite and sub bituminous, and Hard coal is Bituminous and Anthacite

Due to the varied heat produced from coals they are used for different purposses, anthracite is generally used for domestic and industrial heating,(smokeless fuels are poduced from this.)

What is Smokeless manufactured Fuel?

When burning smokeless fuel it will only produce 5g of smoke per hour. This works with the clean air act guidlines, you can burn smokeless fuel anywhere in the UK including all smokeless zones.

Anthracite is a very popular naturally occuring  smokeless fuel ideal because of the high heat out put and long burn time.

Many cosumers prefer smokeless manufactured coals like Homefire due to a more asthetic flame picture compared to anthracicte which as a subdude flame. Manufactured fuels are made up from anthracite and other products like house coal, this produces a easier to light and a better flame for a more enjoyable fire.

What Are The Avantages Of Smokeless Fuels?

Smokless fuel makes life easier with less refuling required due to the longer life of the fuel and will also produce a more intense heat. From the green prespective the less smoke produced this will will help the environment. Smokeless coal will lower emissions by  about 20% less CO2 than everyday house coal.

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