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Getting the best from your smokeless fuel

Open Fires

When lighting a  fire with smokeless fuel you will require quite a lot of heat to light the fire because of the dense fuels and the low volatile gases, because of this your fire will be enviromently firendly.

Please follow the instructions below regarding how to light your Open Fire. 

Place a few pices of scrunched up newspaper placing firelighters on top, the put your kindling gently over the paper and firelighters at a angle in a pyramid shape.

Place a small amount of fuel on top scatterd sparingly.

Light the newspaper ensuring any dampers (if fitted) are fully open.

When the fire is well established slowly add more fuel, allow the fire to burn to a deep red glow, you can adjust the draught level if your fire as this funtcion.

It is always recomended you use a fireguard in front of your fire especially if chidren the elderly or any pets are present.

Lighting a Multi – Fuel  Stove 

As with open fires burning smokeless fuel you will require a good amount of heat to light your fire because of the dens fuels and low volitile gases.

Please light as above (open fires) firstly remove the ashpit door to maximise the draft ensuring the primary air normally located at the bottom of the stove is open and the secondary air and airwash is also fully open. When the stove is working to capacity it is advisable to close the primary air in to a very low position and to leave the secondary air half open, this should allow your stove to burn less intense, if more air is required through the burn, the primery air can be opened to allow more air in to your fire. The ashpit door must be replaced to the original position.

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