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Poulton – Le – Fylde

Poulton Le Fylde, generally shortened to Poulton is a small market town on the outskirts of Blackpool Lancashire. With a history dating back to the 11th century, Poulton now as a striving restaurant bar culture whilst still maintaining a historic culture.

History of Poulton Le Fylde

During building work in the 1970s in nearby Carlton, a 12000-year-old skeleton of an Elk was uncovered, in the first century AD, the area was inhabited by the Setantil known as the Celtic Tribe, in nearby Fleetwood a hoard of 4th Century Roman coins were found and more similar finds have been found in Skipool and Poulton.

The name Poulton was recorded in 1086 originally as Poltun from historical English words pull or pol meaning farmstead by a creek or pool. The local Church ST, Chads lends its name from a 7th century Anglo Saxon saint Chad of Mercia it was possibly built between 1086 and 1094, during the 12th and 13th Century Cockersand Abbey in Lancaster was given large amounts of land in Poulton, it was then rented to local farmers. In the 17th Century, civil wars occurred, although Poulton was not directly involved it was affected by poverty due to the impact from the rest of the country. Poulton played a role in the Atlantic slave trade from the port during the 18th century, it is recorded four slaving voyages set of from Poulton between 1753 and 1757.

In the 18th Century Buildings on the west side of Market Street were destroyed from sparks from a nearby evening funeral following a lamplit procession causing widespread fires to low thatched roofs, later replaced with brick buildings with tiled roofs after local fundraising.

19th /20th Centuries

With harbors at either side of the River Wyre at Wardley’s and Skipool, Poulton became a busy trading area, importing goods to North America and Russia, much more including food and building materials were imported this way. In the 19th Century,  Poulton was affected commercially by the growth of nearby Fleetwood and Blackpool, for a short time visitors traveled to Poulton and then by horse-drawn vehicles to Blackpool until the rail link expanded.

Poulton – Le – Fylde now has an estimated population of 18,439.

The Fireplace Superstore is located only a few minutes, drive from Poulton Le Fylde Centre.

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