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Questions and answers for wood

Firewood and Logs

Why Kiln dried logs?

The average moisture content in kiln dried wood is 20% Which is what most stove procucers would recommend. When wood is kiln dried there will be overall improvement in the quality helping for a clean burn with a maximum heat out put, companies including Certainley wood have kilns fired on there own wood waste, and solar panels producing electricity for a very green and eco friendly enviroment.

How long should wood logs be seasoned?

There are no set rules on how long wood should be stored, because when trees are cut down and left in the forest they do not dry, the bark will stop moister escaping. Ideally wood needs to be split in to logs and stored under cover with a good air flow area. Many wood species dry differently, soft woods including spruce and pine are quick drying woods, hardwoods including ash are also dry in approximately 9 months. Other woods including apple beech and oak have a longer drying process.

When to buy firewood?

In the UK the best advice would be to to purchase your firewood early and stock up for drying puposes and to avoid running out. Many local suppliers will have low stocks as we get in to the winter     months and the quality can often be poor, this can also lead to problems in your stove and flue, and the quality of the burn.

How to check for dry wood? 

A moisture metre is the ideal way to measure the moisture content of your wood this should be 15 – 25%, Certainly wood  supply logs with a average of 20% these are available at The Fireplace Superstore.

The drier the wood the more efficiently it will burn and it will have up to twice the burn time as poorly seasoned wood and therefore be better value for money. If you have a efficient stove your wood will burn cleaner, if your fuel as to much moisture your glass will go black and you will have a build up of soot and tar in the chimney or flue.

 How much firewood will i need through the winter months 

There are many factors to determine the amount of firewood you will require for a typical UK winter including how cold the weather is, the size of your property, how well insulated your home is and the efficiency of your stove. In a normal winter when using a efficient stove with kiln dried wood you would expect to use on average throughout the year 3-4 cubic metres.

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