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Register plates

Steel register Plates are used to seal off the base of the chimney. 

This Register Plates are 900mm x 495mm
With two access holes
It is suitable for 125mm and 150mm (5 and 6 inch) Black Vitreous Stove Pipe.

A register plate is a important component when fitting a stove in to a conventional chimney. The register plate seals of your chimney above the stove and fire opening and prevents debris from the chimney falling on to your hearth and fireplace, and helps the chimney to draw properly.

Installing register plates 

When installing a register plate with a multi-fuel or wood burning stove you seal the chimney making it fume tight. Register plates are manufactured from 1.5m galvanised steel with a hole in the centre for the vitreous enamel pipe to go through and tw access holes.. Four supporting brackets are supplied ready to be cut to the size required for your chimney opening, the brackets now require drilling and screwing in to the brickwork. The register plate is then cut to the correct size with the hole vertically above the vitreous enamel pipe, any gaps between the brackets and the brickwork should now be sealed with fire cement. Fire cement and fire rope must be installed around the pipe going through the plate as a sealant. The register plate can be sprayed to suit the colour of your stove.


With all solid fuel appliances, it is recommended your chimney is swept and maintained frequently at least once a year. Access hole covers can be removed at the same time and hoover and remove any debris on top of the plate.
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