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Smoke controlled areas

If you live in a smoke controlled zone you will need to use smokeless fuel or a Defra approved stove or appliance.

Because of air pollution, there are a number of legislative acts in place to help with pollution a problem caused by industries domestic heating and coal burning through the years.

The introduction of clean air acts in 1956 and 1968 was brought in to deal with poor air pollutions.

Many premature deaths were thought to due to poor air within the UK. Local authorities were given powers for controlling emissions of fumes dust and black smoke mainly from industrial properties. Domestic properties then became smoke controlled areas in many towns and cities throughout the UK.

If your home is in a smoke controlled area you are not permitted to burn fuels producing smoke when using a fireplace or a stove. There are many fuels that do not produce smoke these include electricity gas and anthracite, there is also a wide range of smokeless fuels now available ideal for use with stoves and fireplaces.

Many manufacturers now supply Defra approved wood and multi-fuel stoves for use in smoke exempt areas. The Fireplace Superstore offers a wide collection of Defra stoves from all the leading stove companies.

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